Investing into the wellbeing of young people.

Michelle Mitchell is an award-winning speaker, and bestselling parenting author. She has been termed ‘the teenage expert’ by the media and is sought after for her compassionate and grounded advice for parenting tweens and teens. Michelle started her career as a teacher, but soon discovered a special interest in wellbeing. She left teaching in 2000 and founded Youth Excel, a ‘boutique’ health promotion charity which delivered tailor made life skills programs and psychological services to thousands of young people and their families each year. Today she uses her experience to write and speak in schools, community events and through media.

Jenny A

I purchased one of each and they get a big thumbs up in our household. They have broadened the discussions with our kids. I often recommend them to friends with tweens. Thanks for creating such a great resource.

Mel D

I’ve seen Michelle present several times at my son’s school and she is so informative, so progressive and very entertaining as well. I already have three of her books and I’ve just ordered the video series, the parent’s presentation video, the puberty for boys book and the resilience journal. I must be one of the biggest fans!! 😊

Ellie W

I just want to say a huge Thank You for all your advice & resources the past few years! It's really helped my 12 yr old daughter and myself navigate through these past challenging years.

👌 Etia G

What a wonderful series of videos & books! I'm a primary teacher but bought them for my chn, aged 8 & 12 yrs. So well written, relatable & great for kids. A valuable resource I'd highly recommend!

Ellie M

My kids have been telling me their friendship troubles in the lead up to school, so we’ve already watched a few episodes. Such a great conversation starter and they feel empowered already!! I also rang a friend straight away to get her sons onto it. I also ordered two of your books (resilience journal and boys puberty guide) and I’m so excited to receive them. I’m so thankful that I found you, I already feel like a more capable parent. Keep up the great work, I’m forever grateful!

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